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Recent Feedback from Some of Our Students

The following feedback comments are from recent classes I have taught in the Michigan Community. All these comments were submitted to us on their own accord. We have many years of students studying with us, references available if you need that extra feedback.



***Class Reviews 2017***

June 29, 2017: Throughout my life I have sought balance between career, family demands, spiritual studies, and my other activities and desires. Sometimes I have even been successful. I came to a roadblock in my life and looked into Qigong as a possible answer; honestly I thought it was all new age B.S.. Qigong  addresses the need, not just for daily balance, but for putting all of life into proper perspective by centering our thoughts, desires, and activities on ourselves each day first.

Through the classes of Mr. Gary Abersold, I have done so, I have found peace and direction in achieving that balance that I so desire. It has often come at the expense of aspirations or achievements that "the world" seems to value more highly, but when I have followed the promptings of the myself seeking balance, I have never been disappointed. The outcomes with this tight niche group of teachers and students have always been positive and accompanied by a sense of peace and happiness. He teaches and runs his classes with a sense of levity, lightness and zest; which is welcomed after a long week of negative people around me. I recommend his classes, therapies and insights to anyone seeking the same. - Stephen Matrille

June 17, 2017:  The effect and power of Qigong is amazing. When I began to get my attuned to my own energy, I find I can manage all my life task. I now experience a calm, focused energy I never had before. The Qigong Classes and tools, I have received from Gary are truly treasured. I have recommended Qigong Healing Center to all my coworkers as well. - C. Beckman

June 3, 2017: When I am at work, like most people get stressed out by lunch. I now practice the tai chi flow at lunch time, I learned from Mr. Gary. The practice is wonderful it  is only fifteen minutes long. My energy is balanced and stays high the rest of the day. - Raymond Klar    

March 30, 2017: I am 70 years old. Life sometimes seems to fly by so fast. I was in high school, then college, next married with children and then one day I sat down and reflected where did the time go? What was my purpose? Where is everyone? Why am I still alive? As someone who most certainly was not connected to others or even myself. After many month's of Qigong I was able to make small changes that make huge differences in my life. I cannot thank Gary and his students enough for this treasure of beautiful healing meditations and movement. His inspiring classes and his availability have helped me reconnect with others, myself and most of all life. Thank you for your grace, wit and encouragement. -  Nura Wasem

March 8, 2017: I practice the Qigong at this school and I have to say it's a very good health exercise program. For example, I had the last few years always trouble with my back and now it's almost gone. The DVDs make the exercises very understandable and easy to learn. The teacher is of high quality, it is just great and I'm very happy I joined. Thank you for this great tradition.  - Maria B.

January 21, 2017: I had only six sessions  with Gary and it has been wonderful. He is a natural healer and  professional. Fortunately, after six sessions my personal issue's is under control with significant thanks to his Qigong. I highly recommend him. -Katie Z.

January 5, 2017: The Qigong was both practical and valuable beyond compare. One of the best things I have ever done and a truly positive life experience. It is six months since later and I continue to benefit and to share the personal healing we received with others. I must say you are one of the best teachers I ever studied with. Thank You -David Murray 

***Class Reviews 2016***

September 6, 2016: I have been participating in Qigong Classes and Healing sessions with Gary Abersold since I moved to Michigan in 1991. As a teacher and therapist I find his methods unparalleled even to those that are popular. The healing modalities always help me feel more balanced and energized. Gary has helped me at times after various injuries and I always feel better after his treatments. I would recommend him to anyone. -Jim Phillis  

July 13, 2016: The Tai Chi healing form is excellent! Very, very clear instruction. So easy to understand! Gary Abersold makes it so much easier to absorb and incorporate into my daily life. I'm so glad I re-took this. I learned some more techniques that I didn't get the 1st time I took the Tai Chi ~ Chi Flow class. -Alice

June 27th, 2016: I have had severe "lockjaw and TMJ" for several years. I was treated by Mr. Abersold on Saturday July 25th, 2016. He performed an advanced application of Healing Qigong. Within  a short while through the treatment my mouth released open for the first time without any pain for the first time in a long time. When the treatment was finished all sensations of pain and swelling were gone. I have been to Acupuncturist, Medical Doctors etc, and nothing had worked. Within one hour this is gone; and today is Monday and still no symptoms at all. 

I am not into alternative therapies really; don't practice any form of qigong. I believe now there is more to it than just faith. I am forever grateful to him for making time for me and balancing this horrible problem out. -L. Rosenberg 

April 4th, 2016: Two weeks ago I surveyed your Taiji Quan practice and I am very impressed after one class how much energy I had after one class, how much better I feel. Personal disclosure, for the past twenty years I have been teaching Wu Style Taiji Quan. I will say I have missed out personally on the qi healing side of the art. On a personal note you bring much joy and balance to the sessions to find simplicity and joy to Taiji Quan. I will rate you and your affiliate teachers as unique in a field of Taiji Quan practices. I prefer not leave my name because of personal conflict and politics in my Taji Quan Association. Many jealous people in Taiji Quan groups! Looking forward to our future private classes, thank you for being open minded! Signed Anonymous Rogue Teacher         

March 25, 2016: I have been trying to learn Qigong and Taiji daily to help with depression and anxiety and really just sort of find something to deal with our violent culture. The simple Taiji practice you introduced to me helps get my mind off of everyday life and tune into my own energies. I found the first classes very informational and helpful compared to many others. The simple eight energy palm moving meditation, is very quick and usable. Looking forward to upcoming intensive classes. Namaste, C. Lefleur    

March 20, 2016: Gratitude first and foremost; I just finished a beginning Qigong class with Gary Abersold  that exceeded my expectations.  After a long list of teachers, I really finally have a system and approach for myself. I enjoy the one on one experience and enjoyed learning and sharing. For the searchers out there Gary is a gifted healer and teacher and has brought me most efficiently to a balanced and positive daily state where a sense of total well being is the norm. -Sasha Pozniak LMT

March 5, 2016: I am totally amazed at how powerful your Qigong forms are! I am a Reiki Master and never felt any noticeable energy. The significant benefit I have noticed is the constant pulsing feeling between my fingers and in the palms of my hands, its just flowing out of my being daily now. When I concentrate on my hands and slowly move my hands in the specific movement's you taught the energy is not only flowing there but right up my back and down the front of my body. This all opened out of one workshop class; I cannot wait for more classes. It was a joy finally meeting a genuine teacher who has the passion for the art and not just dollar signs in their eyes as well. This is what separates you from all the rest of the neophytes!     Thank You, Melvin Doulizar  

 February 26, 2016: Just completed a 49 day lotus purification practice: thank you, Gary for this gift!  The other ideas about forgiveness (?it?s not for them, it?s for you?, ?be the bigger person?, etc.) just never resonated with me. This unique practice is all about healing the spirits involved and cutting the energetic ties to past harms: yes! Even so, I pushed it away at first, only to be pulled back to it when the time was right (picture a Gary knowing smile here).  At five weeks in, I felt a ?shift? and knew at that moment the door had been closed for good on my residual negative ?stuff?.  And day 49 was, simply, magical.  So thanks again, Gary: another gem on the path, indeed!    - Your very grateful student, Kathy

February 10th, 2016:  Best Qigong practice in Michigan for these reasons: The teacher is warm, friendly and promotes a non judgmental environment. All the students are knowledgeable and prepared for class; the practice is authentic and easily attainable. The teacher is educated and practiced well and knows the tradition. If you are looking for connecting with good people I highly recommend anyone from the Qigong Healing Center Group. -Class Attendee 2/4/2016   

January 23, 2016: I was in the dumps with my qigong practice. Just attended a class, Gary literally picked me up and transformed my attitude about qigong and how to stay motivated. I will be back for sure, great teaching - thanks a million! Katrice R.

January 15th, 2016: To whom it may concern: I think many true teachers are the ones that we don't hear about so often. They quietly do what they do. They work on their teachings and slowly making it better, and knowing that is part of becoming a example. Sometimes these teachers who slowly work on their craft silently are noticed by the public and become suddenly "popular," but more often the greatest teachers either slowly take prominent positions in their field, or silently and contentedly do what they do. This is what I experienced in your Qigong Schools teachings, a approach that teaches quality and is focused on people truly learning. I have taken many Qigong courses from different teachers, but your classes in person cut out much nonsense and deliver real results within minutes. I feel blessed to be in your Qigong School and part of the community as well. - Sarah Collins, M.D.

***Class Reviews 2015*** 

December 8th, 2015: I have had constant aches and pains throughout my body due to my work. I have been attending private classes with Gary Abersold. His private energy healing therapy sessions has eliminated all the aches and pains. I am forever grateful! - Zoran N. 

December 5th, 2015: I'm so grateful for you and your class. Taking the time each day to practice is making a difference, thank you. -D.B.

December 4th, 2015:  I am just emailing you to let you know I have been practicing in your Thursday Chi Meditation Group Since November 5th  2015, and I am totally amazed at how powerful this simple program is. I have tried various forms of this ancient discipline, some I have found to be beneficial to my well being, and others just to hard and cumbersome to perform, and some very expensive as well. This is a winner it has a little of everything I need in it. Hey how about a video though  for us burned out workaholics? Just a thought -Joanne      

 November 18th, 2015: I have been taking your classes since summer began and they have changed my outlook on life. I am now a Lotus Meditation practitioner; the effect of the practice is amazing. I find the practice enjoyable and cannot wait to do it. I am able to get all my daily work tasks done better and with calm, focused, and energy present. My family is now interested in learning and it makes our nights a family healing event! Thank You ; but please make a video of this practice and give it to the public our world needs it more than ever. -M.Beckman    

November 7th, 2015: Please include my following review in your records for public viewing-Lisa Soto. I  came to class five weeks ago taking anti depressants, several times a day to help control my anxiety and panic attacks. My Doctor tried to teach me and I didn't feel something was right. Then I found your teachings online. I called and you advised me to attend
Lotus Meditation Group Class, which I did with absolutely any knowledge of Qigong and methods. Since taking your classes it was hard to believe that meditation combined, with such gentle movements could effect much. Today I am completely off my medications with no symptoms. I believe your Qigong Meditation system has played a big part of this. I see Qigong as a vital piece of the puzzle toward my healing, both physically and emotionally. A final note the group is very positive happy and helpful, a major plus for someone just learning.

November 1st, 2015: I was a student of Gary Abersold at his Metro Beach Classes and Grosse Pointe War Memorial gatherings many years ago. This was a great experience and I learned very quickly. I had stopped for personal reasons, and I have felt that I had lost a most valuable part of my life. I looked him up to see what he was up to and here he is, more evolved still doing it. He invited me over to his personal studio energy balanced me and we practiced for about two hours. The details he brings to his teachings is really helpful and inspiring. It is very good to reconnect after such a long time. The best advice I received the other night was "everyone deserves a fresh start; are you ready to surrender to that?" Ever grateful to be part of this community again! -Dan Edwards, Harrison Township Mi.    

October 29, 2015: I work out two times a day and since joining Lotus Meditation Class for the past several weeks, I no longer experience muscle soreness or fatigue; just increased endurance, stamina, strength. My concentration and awareness have risen to a much higher level. I have done other Qigong routines and frankly just was bored. This practice at first glance seems so simple I thought "how could this do anything"? After the first session, I felt warmer hands more expansiveness within and visually everything more vibrant. I find it to be a perfect approach for myself at after along day. It has been a great addition to my already healthy regime and I am very happy to have been introduced to this wonderful Tradition and Community. - Lauren D.

October 21, 2015: Over a period of time of six weeks following Gary's personal instruction and through faithful practice, I have gradually gained back my energy and overall well being. He has a wealth of experience and has shown me tips that have reduced the learning curve greatly. I am well aware of these practices shopped around trying many teachers. I didn't have much success and spent lots of hard earned money, getting little or no results. I would recommend Gary to anyone that is seeking a experienced teacher that can teach you to actually do the practices. Only Warning: He is a very kind person so in the beginning I was nervous that I was going to be let down. I am not use to people taking time and actually spending several hours with me to teach and practice Qigong. For the new student you are dealing with a wonderful person, what you see is what you get. Now I feel like a million dollars -better than I have felt in 15 or 20 years! -Russell Murray 

September 29, 2015:  I just wanted to thank you for teaching us Qigong at our clinic. We had heard about Qigong, but never knew what it was and this kind of practice is so encompassing. Each time I read your handouts, I get more and more out of it. We have used some of the techniques I learned from the class on a patient who could barely move. After I applied the  Qigong therapy, the patient got up, did a few movements and surprisingly walked out without any pain. I was more amazed than he was. We look forward to learning more from you! Best Regards - Dr. Bernie Tafor 

September 15, 2015:  To Dao Traveler Gary- Thank-you for your time and your noble knowledge of Qigong and Daoist practice. Thank-you for allowing me to study under your guidance, while you were traveling about in Colorado. You were very patient and polite with me, and took the time to teach me for several hours. Many teachers here have not been very patient and polite with me. I don't think meeting you was a accident now, your class has changed my life and I am pointed in a good direction. Thank You for telling me " I deserve a Fresh Start"; that was very powerful!!  I will not kid you I will be longing for your presence again so come back to the mountain! Peace..Eugene Phillips, Grand Lake Colorado    

August 12, 2015: Thank You for making the time this summer to offer Qigong to me.  I am excited to be part of this great tradition! I have never felt healthier... made new friends from around the local community and received the best classes ever! Looking forward to Autumn and Winter program. Sincerely-A. Koehring

July 28, 2015: Dear Administrator please forward to Mr. Abersold: The Qigong classes are very relaxing, refreshing, energizing, and the main thing...pain relief! Gary and his students are very welcoming, and they are such good people to get this kind of instruction and treatments from. Thank You for being open to teach in our area -Lisa Z.

July 10, 2015: I been to many group, teachers and workshops in the Detroit area. I find this class to be the most enjoyable one. You teach everyone very professionally and give so much. I always look forward to the classes at Irene's School. It's about experiencing all the joy, health, balance, unconditional love, abundance and peace in our lives that we all deserve, while releasing all that that does not serve our highest good. We can allow others to be who and where they are on their journey in life. This class was a wonderful and joyful experience, which gives me daily practices to enrich my life and replenish my mind, body and soul. Please, Please, Please keep the class going! Blessings - Regina H.

June 28, 2015: Gary is an amazing teacher who has helped and educated endless amount of people in Qigong. I would recommend his class to anyone who like to improve their health. I am very grateful for his class!

June 23, 2015:  Relaxing..great session.

June 12, 2015: Why did I waste my time with Medical doctors? I take your Southfield class at Irene Gauthier's Massage School. I am forever grateful that you take time for us;  I am middle age and I can say that is a rare quality in our world. This Qigong process is a profound healing experience for people who engage in it. And it is gentle so that even if you are working on an issue that is very deep or painful, the process itself supports you. The Qigong process is such a powerful container that it is not dangerous to people. It is deeply healing. And I think the lesson of it is that it is ongoing? that the healing does not end when you finish a class? one of the things I love about Gary's teaching is that he recommends that you create sacred space in your own daily life and learn to live it as a life path. Each of must take it to the next step for yourself.

Editor note: I just want to say, personally I don't think doctors are a waste of time. I think a integrative doctor is the best choice. The diagnostic testing is great and western medical science is not the problem. Where things get blurry is when people use western medical lingo such as "medicine", "medical" in their natural healing systems. This is a problem in presentation and many therapist even use it to sound more credible. I view Qigong, herbs, food, as natural healing systems to make one "whole" or balanced. I think Doctors like Dr. Andrew Weil get it right and follows a balance of both world views. We all have the freedom to choose whats right for each of us as well. ~GWA         

 May 28, 2015: My wife's sister takes classes with Mr. Abersold at a local park. She suggested to ask if Mr. Abersold would be willing teach us some aspects of his practice to improve our business. I emailed him to consult my wife and how we could improve our local store and employees. He surprisingly visited our business during his vacation and sat down with us. Mr Abersold taught us how to evaluate employees and how to job match them correctly based on their personal Feng Shui. We were expecting some kind of fancy presentation all he had was a pen and pad of paper, in which he did everything in long hand form. Mr. Abersold proceeded to discussing our store, in which we started moving fixtures around into a floor plan we hadn't considered before. Mr Abersold asked really honest questions about our work goals and life goals. Like other reviewers he does have amazing amount of knowledge.

He is really fun, smart and intuitive. We are Arabic and having a American to consultant seemed like "oh come on"; usually there is much tension with Americans and most people that does this work seem like a fraud. Mr. Abersold handles himself more like people from our village in       Tehran, like a family member or something.  We now understand that it's really essential to creating a place that enhances our life and career. Mr. Abersold also taught us individual practices and practices for marriage, for our business. Later that night at dinner my wife and I smiled and said I feel more at peace and have hope for success in Michigan...

Thank You - Mr. Khaled Alzaeem  

May 19th, 2015: I came to your studio today and received the most unique practice based on my birth date. I immediately felt the connection with all the information you jotted down as you sat on your meditation pad after our practice. Honestly I didn't know what to expect you seem so easy going about everything, which is the uniqueness in your teaching I guess. Thanks for explaining to me the importance of learning my birth date affinity and related practices. I feel more stronger and self empowered after this session.      

 May 15th, 2015: Thanks for offering your healing qigong class on Wednesday nights; I no longer have headaches since I learned the standing meditation routine. Looking forward to the next series of classes.    

May 9th, 2015: Dear teacher Gary, I just wanted to thank you for your qi treatment you gave to me for my dislocation of my shoulder. After the Qi massage and energy practice its 100% better. I went to Physical Therapy, Reiki people, Acupuncturist and no result like today. Looking forward to the remaining treatments as well.  Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!     

May 1st, 2015: Introduction- The following review is from one of my students whom is practicing my Yi Chuan Exercises and Meditations. A large congratulations to them; very few in this day and age can dedicate to practice and actually perfect what is taught. Self Mastery of the basic 100 days training allows one to enter into the more advanced inner skill and practices.

Since 1994 there has been only 5 students of mine who achieved the practice; and have been able to advance to true intermediate and advanced levels. It's not a hard practice when one commits to the path and channels their desire to a practice of quality. Congratulations to all that see the inner gold of the tradition that I had found long ago as well. -GWA

May 1, 2015: I?ve been studying with Gary for the past 9 months. Now, having achieved the ?100 days? milestone (an hour a day of practice x 100 days), I wish to offer this testimonial about my experience.

About the health benefits: They are both physical (more energy & more stamina) and mental/emotional (increased ease & contentment)...it is a powerful gift of health to give to yourself (and yes, you are worth it!)

About Gary: He is a wise old soul in a younger man?s body (I?m a good bit older than he, so I can say); he has lots (& lots?& lots?) of knowledge ?and? he is so very generous in sharing it (a rare combination in a teacher);yet, even with all of that, he is so very humble (?Just call me Gary.?).  About learning Qi Gong: ?just? (ha-ha) be patient (as with learning any new skill); pay attention (the changes/progress can be subtle-but-powerful: a Zen paradox!); and practice-practice-practice (as in that old joke about ?How do you get to Carnegie Hall???). An infinite number of thank-yous, Gary!

April 27th, 2015: I have been looking for the right Qigong teacher for years, and I finally found what I was looking for with Gary. To find a teacher with his amount of experience and knowledge is rare. I feel very fortunate to learn from a teacher of his caliber. His vast knowledge is enhanced  by his natural ability to teach and connect with his students. He makes everything seem effortless and easy to learn. Thanks Gary for teaching me practices that have enhanced my life!

April 25th, 2015: I participated in youre private World Taij Day at metro beach. I found youre knowledge of Tai Chi to be the most realistic. I like youre teaching that is intuitive and adaptive. I feel like finally after so many years understanding how to make use of Tai Chi for myself. What a perfect place to learn as well! One needs to look no further for superb teacher. 

April 18th, 2015: I have taken Gary Abersold's QiGong  series classes many times over the years. His classes are always superb! Mr Abersold an incredibly gifted teacher and healer. Unlike most Qigong people in the community he is the real deal. Highly recommended. 

 April 16th, 2015: I just attended a private Lotus Meditation class. This is the most powerful practice in 40 years of personal practice I have seen. You are incredibly compassionate, kind, lovely and knowledgeable Sensei. I highly recommend coming to try out practicing with him as well as experiencing the special energy of this studio!   

April 16, 2015: Gary respects his students, is warm, accessible, enthusiastic and caring, sets high expectations for all students, and has his own love of learning. You can feel the passion in every class session.

April 13, 2015: From a student of 13 years: I cant begin to thank you enough for sharing youre wisdom and knowledge with me. You are an incredible healer and teacher. Thank you for everything!     

April 13, 2015:  I have really enjoyed your class and the addition of Qigong to my life.  I done Meditation for years but could never make a commitment to everyday practice. At the last class I began to feel the heat in my body and things really healing and opening. I also am having great success In beginning the healing energies to my massage practice. Gary I am a long time business woman and have recently got back into the healing art and I need to let you know how much I appreciate you as a teacher. Your approach clearness and complete master of Qigong is very exciting to me.

April 10, 2015: I had been diagnosed with Epstein Bar virus for about the last six years. My quality of life has gone downhill, and frankly thought this was the way it was going to be. I met you at Far East Ginseng Herbs, you were there drinking Ginseng and you said to come to youre Qigong Class and that it would get better. I didn't know what to think about you; everything was so nonchalant but there was something about you. You are a old soul likened to a wandering sage. You didn't pressure me and all you said was to come, so I did. I started doing youre Qigong combination practice and it has begun transforming on all level of my being- physical, emotional and spiritual. I have so much energy, no more pain and energy like when I was a college student. I am much happier and my family knows this is real as well, and have began doing Qigong with me as well. The odd thing about all this it has been three weeks; such a wonderful gift you have to offer. My Physician cannot believe that all my symptoms are gone, diagnostic test are negative etc...he was quite rattled that what I did was working. To the reader of this review you can trust, the teachings work and you are in great hands with Gary Abersold. Listen to him and practice and you shall reap the results!  Namaste--grateful student.   

April 3, 2015: Thanks so much for sending these notes about our first class to us; these are very helpful! It was nice to see you again after all these years!  You look great and I can tell you have mastered even more through your practice and have gained even more training and knowledge!

April 2, 2015: It was hard at first but I saw immediate benefits. Ive had insomnia for 9 years. After doing the exercises i Slept through the entire night an felt rested in the morning! Amazing and thanks Gary!

April 1, 2015:  Hi there, just wanted you to know I was still feeling the effects of the energy long after class. It was an unexpected benefit for me. Thank You !

April 1, 2015:  I am really glad I went to Gary's class and plan to attend regularly. What a blessing to learn qigong from Gary.

April 1, 2015:  I really got a lot out of this and plan to go again. Gary is a good teacher and the benefits were immediate.. Unfortunately, I can't go next week.

March 4, 2015: My wife found youre number and email so sorry I had not contacted you. I am glad you have a class review page. I am also surprised what a accomplished Master you are, I never knew the depth of youre background; surprise, surprise! So here is mine on our chance meeting: I met Gary in Boulder Colorado at the beginning of last Spring. He practiced Qigong with me every morning, along with my wife on the river bank of the Arapahoe river. He made time for us before he would go off about his day. In the afternoons we sat at his hotel hearing the wisdom of his path, drinking tea. We still practice youre Standing Meditation set and warm ups. Our chance meeting has given us more quality in our daily lives. We came away from the practice with a wonderful sense of aliveness and peace. To the curious, I would like to add the genuineness of him as well; he did not ask for any money or anything in return. He just said we were meant to meet and to keep the practice alive. Share with others in due time. Gratefully Marc & Janice Distant Students of Qigong Healing Center.