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Gary W. Abersold 

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Wisdom teaches us that a benefactor is one who supports a cause. This is either by giving a gift or support in some way. The Way of East Asian Healing Traditions was a benefaction gift given to me throughout my travels. Many of my teachers asked that I teach and heal in my life for benefit of the community. For this is the reason why I teach and offer therapy's; to it pass on.   Qigong should be viewed as a gift; it should also be accessible to anyone. It has made the difference in large numbers of students I have met.   

Since early beginnings I have invested most of my adult life in these life practices. Often times living and traveling throughout North America & Canada. Its interesting to see what was a "underground tradition" in the late 1970's, now become more public domain. This is important for survival for future generations in our Western land. These practices can be summed up as "life mastery through time tested traditions".

Formally starting in 1983 and a teacher since 1994, I have been very active in the community  as a teacher, workshop leader, and presenter. Through my long term commitment of inspiring and mentoring others these teachings offer practical tools. Over the years many students have commented that my classes have brought them true balance, encouragement and empowerment. Many are now teachers and healers as well through their dedication.   

My general focus is instruction of group classes & healing therapies. The group classes will lead you into learning, developing and implementing the practice in your personal life to your likening. The healing Therapies will get you back in balance through commitment to Therapy. The treatments may include a variety of techniques, such as healing qigong therapy, qigong practice, traditional channel gate therapy, and inner power release technique. Chinese & Western Herbs & Food Therapy may be recommended to enhance healing and restore balance of body and mind.  


Many of my classes are taught at my private Residence; which has a professionally built studio for Classes. The studio's classic Asian decor reflects the timeless wisdom of the East, with the modern conveniences of having a professionally dedicated space for this tradition. It's a nice peaceful environment, designed to cater to these traditions. Our learning environment is top-notch, and our curriculum is unparalleled. We also offer seasonal classes in warm weather months in conducive healing environments such as nature centers, waterfront property and  private park areas.     

Our traditions are modeled exactly from my personal experiences in the homes, clinic's & private settings found in my own learning experiences. You will be able to learn very quickly, and be able to enjoy the knowledge that is shared.   

People that follow Qigong Traditions are productive, contributing, happy, and advancing people  in pursuit of enhancing themselves. The students are people in the community: business owners, attorneys, college students, military officers, medical professionals, professional golfers, airline pilots, musicians, actors, automotive mechanics, school teachers, police officers, moms, granddads, just to name a few. In short, we are your neighbors, and we invite you to join our wonderfully supportive community of friends.

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I share these practices so interested students/clients can have this accessible in their life. In choosing my students to teach much consideration is put forth. I take teaching seriously and evaluate each situation on its own basis. Demeanor, ability, life experience, personal goals, attitude and prospects for advancing all be taken into consideration. My training resume & experience is quite extensive. I learned and practiced nearly all of the traditions I followed and healing traditions through private settings and instructor programs. In these close relationship's to the teacher's I was learning from, it gave me unparalleled advantages to proper learning and understanding the practices.
As a personal choice for privacy purposes; I don't release background information about my teachers or myself online. People whom are truly serious about learning Qigong instruction, treatments or guidance will seek one out in person. At my studio
I have a space reserved with my certificates and scrolls for observation. Generally we will arrange a pre class/treatment assessment meeting. This is where all these preliminaries are covered such as methods, practices and credentials.     
It has been my personal experience that It's not how extensive or credible one might seem on a resume. The truth is can they effectively teach you to do, what they embody. Teaching students is a developed skill and not everyone can teach these traditions. My approach is a open & friendly one. I try to instill in my students traditional values of the system with their lifestyle that they have. Flexibility, Creativity and Dedication will take a student very far here. Please take the time to read following papers/links that relate to Qigong Traditions:


  Evidence Based Qigong, Kikou, Energy

Healing Studies

 There have been exhaustive study's on the study of East Asian Healing practices such as Chinese Qigong, Japanese Kikou and related contemplative traditions. Below are some papers available online. For many this gives reassurance the validity of these practices. My personal view on these reports is they are very intriguing. Ultimately you will need lots of support in real time face to face meetings to learn. It does take a mentor-teacher, along with a group participation to guide one properly. From this you will find if the traditions yield results for yourself.         

Comprehensive Review of Benefits of Qigong and Tai Chi Chuan

Comparison of Physical Therapy with Energy Healing Study

PTSD Study: Healing Hand Touch Therapy with Guided Imagery

PSTSD Study: Healing Hand Touch Therapy Returning Active Military

Treating Survivors of Torture and Refugee Trauma with Qigong

Qigong intervention for Military with mild traumatic brain injury

Healing Hand Therapy with Guided meditation for Alzheimer Disease

Qigong combined with Mindfulness (Centering & Examining)

Japanese Usui Reiki (Kikou Healing Hand treatment) to manage pain