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Gary W. Abersold 

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Healing Music Therapy

The Traditional meaning of medicine, which is the character on the left is "music"; and the next character for "herbs"- which combined means to induce personal healing. Without music in your cultivation you are short changing yourself. 

Traditional Chinese Music has been used in all traditions and all groups of people since the beginning of time. Chinese Music is a special healing energy therapy, that combines two ancient healing traditions: Musical sounds and Yang Sheng Fa, commonly known as Qigong. Musical healing enlivens the mind, relaxes the body and lifts the spirit.

I have personally used music since a teenager, in my practices. I began back in 1993 employing it in my classes and it has helped many students and friends whom come to my classes. We can simply see this as authentic form of Traditional Music Therapy.

Music like this can be employed either in a seated meditation posture or a lying down posture, and will lead you to peacefulness and recovery. Stay tuned there will be much more free information to come for you to benefit from this wondeful addition to your path!

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