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Six Healing Sounds

Six Healing Sounds is a Traditional & Classical approach to Qigong practice. Its one of the standarized Qigong approaches and a must learn in ones Qigong Path. The following video on the Six Healing Sounds was produced by the Chinese Qigong Association. A couple pointes of interest:

  • This is a modern adaptation of this Classical set attributed to the Taoist, & Buddhist alike. Its a tradition like many of the mainstay practices that have always existed and always will, and its extremely experiential to a certain degree.
  •  This video is aimed at general health & well being; its a entry level video reference. If you need deep healing or feeling troubled please watch and get with a  teacher or with a group with more experience then yourself. Its a simple practice and very powerful. Some may experience different feelings and emotions due to the releasing of Sickly Energy  and emotions.   
  • There are many Six healing Sounds Sets & approaches although. The difference will be how deep in the actual theory and application each one of these approaches have. Most of the sets are pretty similar and few Teachers have a deep understanding and working knowledge of the intermediate and advanced applications of them.
  • The practice is aimed at balancing the Heart, Kidney's, Lungs, Liver, Spleen and regulation of the Triple Burner System. I think the video is a good primer but will for sure need someone to enlighten you in the Intermediate and advance parts of the tradition. If you are local in Michigan and this is something you like to try, feel free to email us and set up a appointment.

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