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Taiji Yang Sheng Fa

Archival footage in Germany of Lao Shr Jiao. In this set the Yangsheng "15 expressions of Taiji cultivation" play a key role, in Jiao's system of practice. Lao Shr Jiao developed this series of 15 fluent interconnected forms of the thirteen Taiji zhan zhuang exercises of a Taoist Xu Xuan Ping . Viewers of the video should take notes of the speed and character of Lao Shr Jiao. It smooth and even, not hurried. I don't see this as a "how to" video; but more in the lines of appreciation of a important teacher in Taoist practice and modern Qigong teachings. Video was filmed in Germany in the 1990's. He taught and wrote commentary's on Qigong in the 1960's.

Snippet Biography of Lao Shr Jiao:

Lao Shr Jiao Guorui (1923-1997) was a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) at the Academy of TCM in Beijing. He was a professor and member of the expert commission, founded and directed the Institute of Qigong. Jiao Guorui teachers of the traditions of Qigong and Taoist Yang Sheng Fa were from the teachings of  Master's- Wang Tong, Hu Yaozhen, Zhou and Wang  Xiang Zhai. After a long period of intense practice, intensive study of classical writings and clinical application Lao Shr Jiao Guorui developed the syncretic teaching system Qigong Yangsheng. Prof. Jiao Guorui primarily outside of China, taught for many years in Germany and documented his life's work, the teaching system Qigong Yangsheng, in numerous writings.


The teaching system Qigong Yangsheng

Jiao Guorui teaching system of  Qigong Yangsheng provided a comprehensive system of theory and practice methods for cultivating of life - yang sheng fa. The training system included numerous training methods that emphasize different aspects of life force cultivation. The teaching system of Prof. Jiao Guorui was characterized by a well-founded theory, a well-documented teaching materials and a variety of methods. Lao Shr Jiao Guorui attached great importance to the adaptability of each method to the circumstances of the practitioner, for example, any method in various postures such as sitting, standing or walking, with varying emphasis on rest and exercise, or different intensities of mental images to be integrated.

Highlights of Practices: 15 expressions of Taiji Yang Sheng Fa, 8 Brocades, 5 Animals Frolics, Zhan Zhuang/Yi Chuan, Tun Na Fa (Fu Qi) Yang Sheng Fa, 6 Healing sounds of Tao, You Fa Gong (method of induced movement), Tsuo Wang Gong, Emei Shan Yang Sheng Fa, Taoyin Cultivation etc..

Notes: Qigong= Umberella term for thousands of styles of the early system of Yang Sheng Fa (nourishing life tradition) attributed mostly to natives of China, who follow Tao. Much credit goes to what western scholars call "Taoist", but one has to recognize family lineages, village traditions as well as the early "Wu" (shaman lost track schools). This does not mean that they are Taoist per se, the Chinese have yet defined clearly what a "Taoist" is, but many would argue this point as well.

Which term should one use? Qigong is easier for most to understand, traditionalist like using "Yang Shen Fa", which gives one affinity to tradition, and pre Communist China! Qigong has become en vogue, at some level a commidity--so Qigong works for modern America and abroad. It does not make really a difference either way; but practice does and thats whats really important. Commentary's, books, video can only do so much; one needs real experiences.        

English work: Qigong Essentials for Health Promotion by Jiao Guo Rui

Younger students and novices might get annoyed by this work its not flowery and well oiled like, the re-intrepretations you see; in the slew of Qigong books these days. It is also out of print--so it fetches big $$$$ money on the internet. Students with good experience will appreciate the book. Its complied from his teachings in the 1960's. He covered the essentials and could be a gem for you; from a highly credible and respected teacher.          

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