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5 Animal Frolics Complete Form

Taoist Sage Hua Tuo

The Five Animal Frolics (Wu Qin Xi) is a tradition based on based on 5 animal imitation exercises. Tradition gives credit to Taoist Sage Hua Tuo. By observing the activities of tigers, deer, bears, monkeys and birds he found that animals perform certain movements to liven up their overall energy levels and good health. The routine is designed to be performed by utilizing "animal spirit" imagery and shape shifting into the animal movements.

This video produced by and overseen by the Sports Bureau of China, is a very usable set. The following videos in this series the lecture by the Professor is in Chinese; I will provide the notes for the basis of each sequence. Practitioners and students will find this a very adaptable and usable tradition. There are many versions some are very physical while are more internal and softer and more traditional.

The video attached here - goes through the complete 5 Animal Frolics; a good video for survey of the form. For one that lacks a teacher with a little determination and self practice one can find the spirit of the Animals. Personal instruction with this type of Qigong does not require a long training period, form adjustments would be needed, but eventually one finds themselves with this tradition. I personally have learned and practiced versions of Five Animal Sets in Kung Fu and Taoist Yang Sheng Fa, Modern Qigong. Find the set that fits you. Be sure to have fun and "play" with the practice-hence the name frolics. Several years ago its was estimated that there are close to 40-60 adaptations. The good news in todays world there are many adaptations to inspire you. In the old days a Master Chow told me, watch and learn often. Keep your mind open; and you will see its beauty in every set. This is very true and as you stay with these type of practices so will your insight and wisdom.     

General Benefits:

The practice opens the energy body, refering to the Channel system and related vessels, strengthening of our internal organ system, and engaging the skeletal system. The practice can be adopted by young, middle aged and elderly. it has been used to treat nervousn disorders, respiratory diseases, high blood pressure, ovarian and prostate issues, balance problems and even cancer. Qigong Master Guolin had used it in conjuction with her walking Therapy traditions as well. She had documented it thropughly in our personal writings on Traditional Qigong as well as in Walking Therapy Methods.                   

Gratitude to:

Dr. Limin Chu, Master Yuan Chung Huang, Master Chien Huang

Really like this series consider purchasing a hard copy DVD + book here if you like; updated revised version:


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