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Eight Brocades Qigong Forms

The Eight Brocades

The Eight Brocades is a perfect Qigong set for anyone. Several Master teachers I have trained under all emphasized it early in training classes. The set I do has many years of practice insights into it and is more advanced than several versions out there.

There are several popular versions out in public domain these days. Some emphasize seated versions; some emphasize standing versions; and some even move in a line formation. Research in Beijing had found that it helps nervous system problems and blood circulation issues. They found that the practice improved health and wellness greatly. You will get a nice smooth flow of energy in your body, its a nice easy flowing set when done correctly. The key tip is to focus on softening the body.   

The above video footage is a version of the seated set and is a wonderful version. Seated Meditation should be done at least 10 minutes before and after the complete set. The Meditation technique is formless style meditation; commonly known as Tsuo Wang or Tsuo Chan.       

As a side note its a set that can be done anytime, for its simple enough that it won't exhaust just about anyone. If you have questions just email us.

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