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Tai Chi for Health #1

These videos on Tai Chi for Health made by Li Ying Ang, were most likely one of the first pioneering videos on Tai Chi in North America. I remember watching them at a home on reel to reel! Talk about how far we have came with media. Master Li Ying Ang was a doctor of Chiropractic Medicine and Traditional Acupuncture residing in Hong Kong in the 1970's, was well known in Hong Kong, Macao Kung Fu Community's. A published author through Unicorn Press he wrote extensively during the dark years of the Cultural Revolution in China (1966-1976).

This movie footage and his book "Lee's Modified Tai Chi for Health (1968) is the most clear presentation of that era on a version of Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan in English. This style has its own cult following with those whom claim affinity to "Li Family" Tai Chi Chuan. It is a respectable style adhering to a medium frame form versus that of large wide open posture/sequence. Many teachers from Hong Kong and Taiwan do the medium frame.

Myth and Mystery with Li Ying Ang

On the internet and in many private community's the stories of Li Ying Ang always seem to pop up. Its pretty much the soap opera level these days. It reminds me of musician "Sixto Rodriguez" and the lore of his death, of commiting suicide. But viola he was right here still in Detroit living with much grace and contentment, maybe Master li just wanted to disappear and become a Taoist legend. Will he re-appear most likely not, he was born in 1930, said to be murdered in 1988, anything is possible.             

  So many older teacher friends of mine from Hong Kong whom knew him, say that he moved to Guatemala Central America. Legend says he was murdered. There are no details on the who, what or why- only speculation. For me a person whom made these traditions apparent in my early life - I just like to remember him sitting somewhere laughing at us all. But truly a sad end to a early pioneer of preserving Tai Chi Chuan and Kung Fu in the early days.

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