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Yang 13 Form Set

Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan 13 Movement Hand Form

On this video Grandmaster Yang Zhen Duo demonstrates  the 13 form that he developed for anyone looking to learn a smaller set. I learned this set several years ago, and still practice it today.  It is a wonderful set that you can actually do alot with. The form only takes actually between 5-8 minutes depending on how you nuance it.

My Experience: For practitoners who like doing Qigong sets it is perfect after a warm ups and Standing Meditation Tradition. You can practice it with matching sides, turn it to four directions, cycle it through pre natal and post natal direction cycles as well. The form is very easy; and if you are very busy this could be the one for you. If you start utilizing the above ideas you will get alot of joy from it and immediate Tai Chi results.

In my classes, students I mentor, we even begin sometimes even with a 8 movement form, then the 13 form, 16 form. If they go forward on one should go to the Traditional 103 Long Form, it will better prepare them as far as form practice goes. There is many other fundamentals that go along with this as well. Don't let the small sets fool you that they are not complete; if you learn how to work with them, you will get the "less is more" philosophy. Perfect set for entry level Tai Chi form practice. Below are the movement names:

Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan 13 Movement Hand Form

1. Opening Tai Chi

2. Cloud Hands

3. Single Whip

4. Fist Under Elbow

5. White Crane Spreads its Wings

6. Left Brush Knee and Push

7. Hand Strums the Lute

8. High Pat on Horse with Palm Thrust

9. Turn Body and Chop with Fist

10. Step Forward, Parry Block and Punch

11. Grasp the Bird's Tail

12. Cross Hands

13. Finish Tai Chi/Returning


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