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Recovering from Addiction

Addictions is a major problem that I have encountered in the past few years, with people searching for answers. They are culturally stigmatized, and people that are addicted are no different then someone with any other medical disorder; this just happens to be theirs.

Many loved ones say why can't they just quit? Its a complicated disorder and "will power" alone will not do it. Most likely it will take several attempts to get on the right track to healing. Addictions are increasing at alarming rates; and still treated in many family's as a dirty secret not to let out. People suffering feel shunned and embarrassed and powerless. The latest trend is children 7-16 addicted to technology; which is apalling. Who's to blame here; that a whole another conversation. The world is being seduced by gadgets and humans as a race are losing themselves. It is very true often said "A mind is a terrible thing to waste".  

Why are the habits hard to quit is because a powerful cascade of microscopic pleasurable chemicals called neurotransmitters, such as Dopamine, Norepinephrine, Oxytocin, Vasopressin and Serotonin, are instantaneously released in the brain. This chemical reaction is set off in the primitive unconscious part of the human brain known as the limbic system; then it instantly spreads throughout the brain and body by an intricate and vast super highway of neuro networks. These tiny microscopic neurotransmitters have a huge affect on how brain cells function and grow. They can drive or compel one to seek certain behaviors by creating powerful physical cravings. Through repetition, these behaviors can become very powerful addictions that can then inhibit a persons ability to think and make rational choices.

Our physical brain can actually become hijack of our mind and will. Its kinda like a "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde persona", at times the person will be very normal and then bam they are acting out with whatever they are hooked on. They do whatever it takes to see it to the end as well. Understanding how the brain works from a clinical perspective is critical for those seeking full recovery. After gaining this understanding, our doors of perception can be opened to seeking positive spiritual answers and solutions.

In this short video expert Dr. Patrick Carnes lays out what typically happens when one is "drying out" from whatever plaques them from the first 40 days to the third year and beyond. Dr. Carnes highlights a important aspect of the emotions and withdrawl symptoms associated with addiction cleansing. Qigong most likely will not heal someone from addictive compulsions alone, but will help balance them to a great extent. In my clients addicted, I have seen it as a imoprtant factor in adding quality of life in the healing process. A important caution with Qigong exercises and Meditation's is not to overdue them. More is not better it can actually cause triggers to erupt. Read below:

How triggers work: These internal trigger's happens inside of us, for instance in the forms of imbalanced emotions. In Professional Classes I took as a sponsor for friends in the past the easy way to remember them are either as: "HALT"; Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired. The other popular one is "BLAST" Bored, Lonely, Angry, Tired. People can get triggered with any of the above and actually more. People can get triggered also in a healing session; so it is crucial whomever you are working with to not overdue it. One could get angry, tired and even bored during practice, which is usally caused from wrong practice, or they simply just are getting stressed out. Test ride the practice at 10 minutes intervals in the beginning and see how you feel.  

In closing I will say its important to look at what you allow in your life and get seduced by. More and more people are addicted to many things such as the internet, toxic relationships, drugs of all types and technology driven addictions. It is causing a whirldwind of problems in peoples lives. Always be involved with licensed Medical experts that work with compulsion disorders. Body/Mind exercises can help greatly, but should not be the default lone therapy. Qigong groups work well for this kind of problem, because its a very positive, non judgemental environment and helps people dissolve the false negative messages in our body/mind. It will give one a place to observe and work on the issues going on in themsleves. A caring therapist/mentor will be crucial to help them process what they are facing on a daily basis, outside their family, friends and doctors as well.  

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