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Zhan Zhuang Gong

This is a first in a series of Zhan Zhuang Gong; one of the most important practices in Qigong. Commonly known as "Standing Meditation", its the main practice for generating Tangible, graspable Qi. It is a Traditional School/Practice in Qigong Training and imperative for developing a strong foundation for Health & Wellness.

I have personally experienced extraordinary healing stories of uncurable cancers to Master teachers of mine having Yoda like abilities to project and throw me into a fireplace from 20 feet away; spinning objects through intention to shrinking tumors. These of course come from years of practice and specilization although. The basic elements of this tradition is developing fast health and wellness.

Master Yu Yongnian is a celebrated Master teacher in the Zhan Zhuang Tradition. He was one of the last surviving teacher of Wang Xiang Zhai a famous teacher and Martial Artist in Beijing. Master Yu Yongnian was born on March 31, 1920 and lived until October 2, 2013 passed away at age 93. He was a life long teacher of his teachers art and developer of this famous style unique to this area of China and within Zhan Zhuang, Yi Quan Health and Martial Arts.

This video captures the unveiling of his memorial; more videos on this style and teachers to follow. You can read more about him here:


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