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Yang Tai Chi Chuan

The Value of East Asian Healing Exercises

When we practice and study healing exercises we must first comprehend what they are. Practice's such as Qigong, Taijiquan and meditation were developed by early indigenous people of China. These practice's are a type of traditon where Heaven, Humans and Earth are harmonized as one.

The healing meditations and movements naturally nourishes ones life and quite easily preserves one's health. Taijiquan taught from many angles in today's world do preserve health and vigour and prevent illness, prolongs longevity. They all are suitable from the very young to advanced age as well.

Yang Family Taijiquan is the most popular tradition in common Taijiquan circles.  I began my Taijiquan practice as a Junior high school student in search of ...? Well I had no idea where it was going at the time except for the pure joy of doing it. Taijiquan has been a huge part of my life. I think there's something here for anyone, and one would be foolish not to embrace some level of it . In upcoming post I will highlight the differences in "angles" found in Taijiquan of today.

The video here is for Taijiquan lovers, it demonstarted by Grandmaster Yang Zen Duo, that through a lifetime of dilgent practice even in ones advance age we can cherish the practice.


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