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Chen Tai Chi Chuan

The video presented here is for appreciation of Chen Tai Chi Chuan. It is for viewing and common understanding and is not a detailed form breakdown; impossible to study from. I will post a more complete one in the future with notes.

Chen Tai Chi Chuan Orthodox Barehanded form; most commonly known as Lao Jia Yi Lu is the original Tai Chi Chuan training form from Chen Village. The first form consist of 74 flowing postures, and can take anywhere from 15 - 20 minutes depending on how one articulates its movements/form.

The demonstration is performed by the Chen family member Chen Xiao Wang. I will say, that from a personal/comparative experience point of view, Chen Tai Chi Chuan is a extremely important family style since Yang, Wu, Sun & Hao are derived from it's original teachings. I has benefited from it's teaching's and practice throughout my Tai Chi Chuan Journey and is enjoyable. Visit his website here:



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