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Eight Brocades Qigong

Here is a great dynamic standing version of Eight Brocades Qigong. In this channel is a wonderful seated version as well. In future post I will write more upon it and what the science is now saying about it.

The Eight Brocades is an ancient Qigong practice for health, meditation, and longevity. Perfect for anyone looking for a effortless Qigong system to start off with. Master Hsuan Tong Tsu who is the teacher in this archival footage was born in Tian shui City, Gansu Province in 1923, has practiced since young and is proficient in Taoist Nourishing Life Exercises, what we call simply "Qigong" (umberella term) . Hsuan Tong Tsu offers his practice for health preserving way unselfishly. A motivation for all;...that even at 90 that life can be filled with robust health through the Qigong Way.

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