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Guolin Xin Qigong

Introduction to Guolin Xin Qigong

By Gary W. Abersold

Guolin Xin Qigong is a powerful natural system of Qigong for the common person and experienced. Guolin Xin Qigong has been used exclusively in China and abroad since early 1971 in the treatment of many type of Cancers. This new channel will focus on "Guolin Xin Qigong", which essentially refers to Master Madame Lin Guan Ming's System of Qigong which is is termed in Chinese Culture as simply "New Qigong".

Guolin Xin Qigong or simply Guolin Qigong is a system comprised of Stationary and Dynamic Qigong, recommended "Therapeutic Walking Therapy Routines" based on disorder or ailment; Five Animal Frolics, Unique Healing Sound System, Massage techniques and use of the "Chi Zi" or simply Natural Wood Ruler. The below biography on her is a elucidation in her own words. ~ G.W. Abersold        


About Guolin Qigong Founder: My name is Lin Guan Ming and some people know me as Mei Shu; many now just refer to me as Master Guolin. I was a Landscape style painter of the Southern China School of Traditional Landscape Chinese Brush Painting, I had a very successful career in my craft. My life began in April 8, 1909 in the County of Zhongshan, Guangdong Province. In my childhood at the age of 8, I was taught from my grandfather many secret teachings of Taoism such as the Five Animal Frolics, nourishing life traditions and many other secret teachings. As time went on and grew up I was like most people I followed my career drifted away from my early experiences and became preoccupied with making a living.

Beginning in 1948, I was diagnosed with what we call cancer; it began in my uterus and spread into my bladder, stomach. I was devastated to say the least; I turned to our modern medicine for help went under six complicated surgeries over a long period but the Cancer kept coming back stronger and stronger. The doctors told me to get my family and affairs together and to stay at home.

With no hope left I returned to my early lessons on what I learned from my grandfather and adapted it to suit my health situation. In my quest to live and survive, I researched extensively into both the Traditional Chinese and the Western medical systems, studied with elite modern qigong masters, and evolved the knowledge I had attained into a new tradition of Qigong that I have practiced for over twenty years. Through my studies, practice and research with my ideas on a new modified tradition of Qigong, my cancer has abated and went into total remission.

I named my system Guolin Xin Qigong (new qigong); a new system of health management Qigong, a natural healing system for the common person. I first publicly taught my approach to the public on September 4, 1971, becoming the first Qigong master to successfully treat cancer through my new form of Qigong that teaches specific controlled breathing and movement. Since then there have been thousands of cancer cases had taken part in my Guolin Qigong Walking Therapy and have had great results with it. Countless classes at various teaching centers throughout twenty cities and provinces in China, and I will state that I am still in remission from this life threatening scourge on human life. I am very please that now there are, a great number of qualified Guolin Qigong instructors trained in my New Qigong, for I cannot do it alone.

I believe that cancer should be countered through a three branch approach incorporating both 1. Traditional Chinese Medicine, 2.Western Scientific Medicine 3. Qigong Therapeutics. I had set up the first modern hospital in Xia Huliang in Zhuoxian County, Hebei Province that adopted this three branch approach for the treatment and prevention of cancer in July 1982. My personal achievements have gained the recognition and support of the Party, the Government, Medical Doctors from both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Scientific Medicine as well as Bonafide Qigong masters.

Epilogue: Master Lin Guan Ming's passed away of cerebral hemorrhage on December 14, 1984 at the age of 75. She had successfully beat Cancer through her talents and insights, and lived decades beyond what the doctors had originally told her. Since her death, her legacy and Qigong Tradition is practiced world wide and has been developed even further through many other talented Qigong Masters and dedicated practitioners. The Guolin Xin Qigong Research Society in China supports her legacy and continues he work as well through training and promotion of her Tradition of Qigong. Master Lin Guan Ming aka Master Guolin to the commoner will be remembered for her contribution to the development of Modern Chinese Qigong.

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