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Qigong for Everyone

Grand Master Wong Kiew Kit is an expert in Shaolin Martial Arts of the South; as taught to him from his Masters. In this video he explains from his understanding how anyone can benefit from Qigong. One can be Christian, Muslim, Hindu no belief, Taoist or Buddhist. Visit his informative website @  http://shaolin.org/

Commentary: It very common although in Chinese tradition although that people of China follow "Three Traditions One Culture" guidelines. Which is simply the embracing of popular practice/belief systems. Chinese Culture is a melting pot of beliefs and traditions; many of the descriptions and terms used are by western scholars and really don't represent indigenous Chinese Culture.

The old ryme is "I have a Confucian Hat and have a Buddhist Heart and wear Taoist Robe".Throughout the ages what we call these cultivation arts such as "Taoist Qigong or even weirder Buddhist Qigong have been known throughout the ages by many names. They are simply body/mind cultivation skills for better health, mental outlook and personal enlightenment.


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