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Gary W. Abersold 

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The following Certified teachers listed below I personally taught beginning back in 1994. Many teach some of the Meditations, Qigong set's and Healing Palm Therapies, as I had learned them from my Master Teachers. Some have modified or even evolved the practice based on their own personal experience. I have always promoted to all my students to seek deep within the traditions and evolve them in their own way. Qigong is a living breathing tradition and not to be stagnate or plagued by dogmatic views. All teachers that get certified through my School go through a well paced learning and practice experience. I don't do weekend certifications, intensives etc. In many cases many of these teachers have 20, 17 and 12 years of mentorship with myself and practice experience of the many groups I have taught. ~ Gary W. Abersold
                     Northern South Eastern of Michigan: Utica, Shelby Township, Clinton township,
 Rochester Hills, Oxford, Pontiac

Sheryl Youngblood:  http://daowithin.com/contact_us Current Status: Active 
Pat Roach: [email protected] Current Status: Active
Kathryn Trevethan: [email protected] Current Status: Active, Private Therapy sessions & Expert in Massage Therapy 
Kathy Laing: Engaged in Practice and Cultivation but not currently teaching.

Misty Barnard: [email protected]  Current Status: Active    

West Side of Southeastern Michigan: Lyon Township, Milford, Livonia and Detroit

Bella Hebert: [email protected] Current Status: Active ~ Private Classes & Community Practice Group in Livonia
Betty Lane: [email protected] Current Status: Active ~ Community Classes & Private Classes & Professional Vocalist & Teacher.

  Texas & Alaska

Susan Sage: [email protected] Current Status: Active ~ Private & Group Classes email for details and location

  Country of Argentina, La Rioja

Valentia Benitez: Current Status is active she has a Healing clinic in La Rioja. Healing Hand Practitioner, japanese Kikou and Chinese Qigong.

**** If you are not on this list and I have taught you, certified you as a teacher in Qigong, Tai Chi Chuan or Tibetan White Crane Traditions; please contact me and I will update it. Taught many Students from 1994-2000 pre internet age, have lost contact and records are out of date. There are many more of you out there; be glad to verify and do so.  Just email me at [email protected]***
Gary W. Abersold  

Teachers in this category of "Traditional Lineage Certified Teachers" are practitioners that learned and completed training and testing in Traditional Qigong, Tai Chi Chuan, Martial Arts & East Asian Spiritual Cultivation Traditions that I practice and teach. The reason for this category is for posterity, to pass along complete Orthodox Traditions. Teachers in Traditional styles are considered advanced level teachers, for the dedication and follow through is more serious in nature. Traditional Lineage practices are important; they are practiced and passed down from practitioner to practitioner without adding or deleting anything from it. They are time tested methods that have carried on in many traditional family's and Temple Arts for generations.

          ***New Qualified Teacher update coming October 2017***